Our Story!





Unfortunately, breastfeeding never really has been an option with us. It just didn’t work. Therefor, I was always the one preparing the bottles with formula for my daughter Maia and my son Lieven.

I really was annoyed by the constant preparation, the countless spoons, measuring everything and most of all with all the dirt.


I have always been an inventor and so I knew that there had to be a way to find an easier solution.
This is how POWDY started and the first prototypes we knew it: “Hey! That would certainly make everyday life a lot easier for parents.”


We hope that POWDY helps you to make your everyday life a little bit less stressful and helps you to enjoy for family routine even more.



Behind POWDY are three people: My wonderful wife Annette, my partner and friend Domenico and me – Valentin.

We are a small startup near Stuttgart and our goal is it to create helpful and beautiful products that help with day to day tasks with babies and children.